How the Life Log works

Using the best portable recording equipment available, I spend two hours recording people’s stories. Their life, their struggles, their dreams and their adventures. It is a guided interview and I have been told dozens of times by people that it is a thoroughly pleasurable experience.

I then take the recording away and edit it a little. Mostly I am removing my questions and my voice from the recording and making it a seamless story. Once finished the recording is then transferred to a flash drive and delivered to the client. From beginning to end the process takes about one and a half to two days.

Clients are often children of older people and they require multiple copies of the recording for siblings, which is arranged beforehand. I do not keep a copy.

The service usually costs about $350 but that does vary a little according to recording times, travel, copies made and a few other things. If I don’t have to travel too far and only two copies are required and the recording only takes two hours then the fee is often a little under that.

Home is Sydney Australia.

You can email me for more information


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