I guess I’m just red-ist

I can’t help it. It’s not that I don’t like them, in fact the opposite is probably closer to the truth. It’s just that every time I see one, I have the same reaction. It happens every time. I know it’s wrong. I can’t even trot out the old time-worn, “some of my best friends are red heads” because that just isn’t true. I had a quick look around at my nearest and dearest ┬ádrinking buddies and I reckon there is only one red-head in the group and I suspect she has selected her hue (which surely doesn’t count does it?).

Now that I start to give the matter some real thought, I think differently about red-headed women than I do about red-headed men, wow, I have only just realised that, that is truly nuts! This crazy rule doesn’t seem to apply to red-headed women at all.

Whenever I am walking through the city, which is pretty much every day, and I see a red-headed man in a business suit, he just looks like he is playing dress ups. There, I’ve said it. Take a look for yourself, see if it’s not a universal truth.

Try as they might to look serious and sensible and grown up, they just can’t pull it off. They look like they have dressed in their dad’s suit, or slept over at their mates place and whipped on one of their suits to play pretends for the day. After all who doesn’t like a good role play?

They can’t help it of course, and I am pretty sure they are not all sleeping over at their mates place. Well, I mean they couldn’t could they? Equally I am darned sure they are not all doing it on purpose. I know it’s not right, I know I am probably being red-ist, but there you go, its instinctive. At least it brings a smile to my face as I stroll through the city.