Disconcerting reunion

Class reunions can be an uncomfortable time for many people. I have heard tales of people getting tied up with anxiety prior to the event such that though they had travelled hundreds of miles to attend, they could not walk through the door. I have also read a tale of one class candidate detailing the web of lies he had spent days rehearsing prior to the reunion. I can only guess, to cover for a life not yet lived.

My take on the level of discomfort comes from being forced to place a bookmark in one’s life story. Being forced to do the maths of one’s post-school existence can be a harrowing experience. Wondering if they measure up, and of course no-one does.

While I do not mind doing the maths on my existence, most of us were raised, safe in the knowledge it would not be until we were close to drawing our final breath that we would be faced with the task. For most people it comes down to working out their value. Has it been a life well lived? That is where the angst begins.

If the answer is no, or not yet, the accompanying feeling in the pit of the stomach, those butterflies, are telling you something. Get on with it. I have never believed that people need to climb mountains or swim oceans to lead an honourable, effective, meaningful life. I think our lives should be judged on what we leave behind. Our children, our estate and the consequence of our actions (both good and bad).

Conveniently then, I also believe, no-one’s life should be judged when there is still time and opportunity to do honourable deeds, be effective and add meaning. A life worth living. Bring on the reunion!