To tattoo or not to tattoo

I have never been a great fan of tattoos. For the same reasons I am not a fan of pierced ears. Body ornamentation that can’t be reversed has always seemed way too scary to me. I liken it to saying to someone, “the good news is you get to pick a nice looking medium priced car, the bad news is you will be driving this one for the rest of your life.” The appeal immediately vanishes.
To make matters even more complicated, there are good and bad inkers just like there are good and bad cars. See picture below of a sign in a tattoo shop window.

Naturally enough, as soon as my sons were old enough they went out and got inked. I guess I should have seen that coming. They even have a tattoo that only makes sense when they stand together, which makes no sense to me. (Bless them)
Recently a young guy from our neighbourhood put out a call on Facebook asking for his friends to vote on which tattoo he should get as his first, either dice or rosemary beads (sic). So I can see him rolling into the tattoo shop above, and asking for rosemary beads, and who-the-hell would know what he would walk out with.

I know I am old and grey and way too conservative to be entering into the debate on tattoos, and frankly that is ok with me.

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