They turned the clock back, disgracefully.

At a time when West Australian teams are both at the top of the table, they have so much to be proud of in the world of AFL, they have displayed such an appalling lack of manners and complete lack of good grace that has me dumbfounded. I am not often embarrassed about being an Australian but watching the crass, outrageously bigoted behaviour of the Subiaco crowd at the football this weekend had me cringing. I am very glad not to be an Eagles supporter this weekend. To be tarnished with that same brush would have me handing in my membership in an instant. Even the most eloquent of football supporters when asked to explain the mob behaviour toward Adam Goodes came up with unsupported drivel about him being a “diver”. That may even be true, but there is not a team in the competition that does not contain at least one player that “acts” more aggrieved than the situation warrants. That doesn’t throw their head back when contacted near the chest, or throw their arms out in mock shock when nudged under the ball etc. So Im not buying that argument. So to mount a case that because you think Adam does it, justifies the sort of boorish juvenile pack behaviour we have seen on grounds around the country beggars belief. Only an ignorant fool would try. If you are one of the people who attend football games and think this is appropriate behaviour, have a bit of a think about it. If you are not capable of this level of thinking but are still able to walk and chew gum at the same time, I think it’s time you had a deep think about what you are actually doing. Perhaps you do it because the moron next to you does it. Perhaps you think it’s funny. Your pack behaviour is reminiscent of a lynching mob. A group of “good ol’ boys’ from the old south of America wearing smart hoods with the intention of taking someone down a peg or two. That’s what the rest of Australia sees. It’s a fabulous look, not! It immediately identifies you as appalling racists. If you would like to test yourself, try explaining your behaviour to your six-year-old daughter and see how it sounds. My guess is, you will come up short. Or maybe that is the sort of example you feel is appropriate to your child. If this is the way you want to behave, I don’t want to be a part of it, but you are not going to drive me away from games. The outrageous antics need to be singled out and those responsible removed from the ground. I don’t care if its ten thousand of you. Remove a few dozen and the brave ones will soon step forward no doubt. It is not ok to behave like that. I have heard a few half-wits say “it isn’t racist because they would do it to a white player to the same extent, it’s just that no white player has ever been such a diver”, is just a pee weak excuse to cover the appalling behaviour. The old “Im not racist but..” wore thin decades ago. There is a fuzzy line of thinking that somehow one man ‘deserves” this. Wow, really. If that is you, hang your head in shame.