Parents need to be the grown ups


I was walking to the Sydney Cricket Ground the other day on my way to watch the AFL draft and was almost there when a car pulled up on the side of the road and a little girl hopped out closely followed by a father (i’m guessing). The girl, about eight or nine years old stood there with her arms folded and then the dad grabbed her by the arm and gave her a good shake and yelled at her then pointed to the open car door telling her to get back in. She stormed off in tears.

The shocking bit, he then hopped in the car and drove off into the car park. Leaving her on the side of the road. I was heading in the same direction so I just kept a little eye on where she walked to. But her father was now in the car park and had no idea where she was really. I really worried that this little girl could have been followed by some nasty man, not just me.

I understand that I was not privy to what was said in the car before it stopped, but really? Who is the grown up in this situation? The little girl eventually turned around and made her way back to a seat near the car park and sat there crying. I was caught between hanging around any longer and looking creepy or leaving her to the whims of the world, both options I was uncomfortable with.

I drifted off to the bar I was heading to and managed to keep an eye on her until her father stormed out of the car park and yelled at her again before they headed away together. Parenting can be a very frustrating task, but that is what it is. Parents need to be the grown ups.