Into my Discomfort Zone

The Sir David Martin Foundation run a program that teams young people with a mentor and then sends them bush for a couple of days to get to know each other and hopefully teach each other a few things. I have signed up to be a part of the program in 2017. I am between jobs at the moment so the timing could not be better.

The bush bit is run by Outward Bound, a terrific organisation that has decades of experience in the bush, just south of Canberra and reading the list of items I will be taking fills me with dread. But it’s not the snakes, spiders, trekking in the rain, river crossings, or abseiling down cliffs that has me scared the most. The thing that is scaring me the most is raising the money.

Apart from my commitment to be a mentor in this program I have to raise $5k. It costs each person $2.5k to do the event and I have to raise enough for me and the person I’m getting to know. Maybe you can help. There is a link below, every little bit counts.

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