Thirty years ago today


When I look at this photo of my bride and me, a raft of memories come flooding back. I am reminded how incredibly exciting it was to have a child with the woman you love, wow that was incredible. How little control I had over the entire situation. Anna had studied mothercraft nursing so had a real handle on what was going on. I had no idea at all, and less than that hope of controlling the outcomes. In the photo I am laughing, no doubt at something Anna has said because she is very funny and loves to make people laugh, but I was actually scared stiff most of the time while my children were growing up.

Now that I am approaching old age, I am thinking that this is really the first time in my life, I can have some element of control over the outcome. (health scares and surprises aside of course) For the first time in my life I am able to say with some certainty how the rest is going to pan out. Maybe I am finally a grown-up, I’m not sure. For the first time in my 57 years on the planet I am confident that I can pick my way through the challenges ahead without collecting many scars.

The photo also reminds me of people who have come and gone in our lives over the last thirty years since this photo was taken. The vanishing of some, fills me with sadness, some others give me the sense of dodging a bullet. Nonetheless they all contributed in some way to the fun that we have had since getting married. One of the most amazing things about the photo is just how little my bride has changed in thirty years. She is still one of the most beautiful women on the planet. I am virtually unrecognisable except to those that knew me back then. It’s not just age, I think my entire face has changed, not for the better by the way. But I’m comfortable with that.

Looking at this photo fills me with excitement for the years ahead. I have so much to do and learn. I can’t just be sitting here writing, see ya.