Im about to start the Life Log Project YouTube channel


I have said to myself many times that I have a good head for radio, and indeed that is where I worked for a while. The screen has always been a scary no-go zone for me. I have terrible teeth and I’m old and grey and overweight, hardly the ideal specs for any sized screen. However I have recorded a few trials and I’ve decided that Barjols Sth is too good not to share and recording short video pieces up there is the perfect way to get the message across.

I will let you know when the first piece goes public. There is just so much stuff I would like to talk about, way too many things to cover in a blog. My book is in the works as well, Ive completed the first draft and waiting for the proofreader and editor to tear it apart and then the real fun begins as I try to put it all together again.

In a strange way it was in the process of writing the book that I veered toward doing some video logs. There were subjects that I covered in the book that really needed to be explored on a deeper and more personal level and the book was not exactly the right channel through which to do that so it got me thinking about blogs, and vlogs.

I have always been very self-conscious of my very crooked teeth. All of my siblings were born with the same ridiculous teeth. My parents could only afford to pay for the girls to have theirs fixed at the time, and eventually my little brother had his done, by that time the folks were earning a little more, and could cover the expense, So in the end I was the only one in the family that didn’t have braces. Bitter? Me? No I don’t think I am to be honest. It hasn’t held me back much, I still got on the rostrum and performed the task of auctioneer for almost fifteen years professionally, so it didn’t make me shy or anything, that’s for sure. I have a silly (smile for the camera) grin rather than a full hearty laugh that I have cultivated over the years to cover up my horrible teeth, but thats OK too.

Now I’ve said I’m over it OK? No really, I am not that fussed about the teeth anymore. At 57 Im not about to get them fixed that’s for sure. I will just record the video blogs and forget about them. Im excited about the Vlogs because I get to show you beautiful Barjols Sth, it is amazing. Im also excited because I will be able to talk about things that I can’t really cover in the blogs. One of the young women that read the blog, described it as ‘cute’ the other day which I guess is a good thing.

I’m not exactly sure that ‘cute’ is where I was pitching it, but Im fine with that. The Vlog I am guessing will be a little more about the process of the impending tree change that Anna and I will undergo, and the preparation for that. Regular readers will understand I have ZERO farm skills, so learning it all from scratch is a bit of a task. No doubt that it will morph into its own thing as time goes by. Whatever happens with it, it is me telling my story, as part of the Life Log Project. I hope you can check it out and join me from time to time.

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