13 Reasons to move to the country

I have just finished recording a short 5 minute video for the YouTube Channel on why I want to move to the country. This is the third video I have recorded and for the first time I have included a short ukulele introduction and also a short tag over the credits. As you would know, playing ukulele is one of the things I do for pleasure so it is extra special to be able to record a tiny refrain and use it on the video.

Learning how to record that little 4 second piece, then edit it, then load it onto the video was such an exciting thing to do. When you hear it, you wont believe that such a tiny piece took so much care and attention to get where it is. It makes me smile, a lot. Some of my friends would not be able to do that at all, so that also makes me proud. I have a few friends that do little else other than record music so it is no big deal to them at all. I would like to think that they would appreciate the effort I have made, to get it right.

Recording the video and the music piece has been an interesting challenge. My lovely neighbour is fixing his bathroom, by fixing I mean completely removing it and replacing it all himself. He really is amazing. For a few days as soon as I started recording he started working, so that was less than ideal. I was happy to have the real sounds of the city in the background, but that level of authenticity was a bit over the top.

So I waited until he went for a walk and did it all as quickly as I could. Does it show? I hope not. To listen to the video you can either follow the link below or type in Barjols Sth to YouTube and you should get delivered to the video anyway. If you have ever thought about moving to the country, the video series may be of interest to you.