Cowboys and Indians

In the news this week was the story about the young American Catholic school kids mocking and smirking at the aged indigenous man in Washington DC. The picture of the young smirking kid getting in the face of the indigenous guy trying to be intimidating. Wow such a powerful and disgraceful image.

it got me thinking about education and its social impact. These were young kids coming to Washington DC to protest against abortion (I’m not sure that should even be the right of any man actually).

So their school is teaching them what? It’s a good thing to protest and have your voice heard, but only yours. They are not being taught anything about respect. Certainly they are not being taught anything about their own short history. They obviously know little about displacement and the hardships of colonialism. Quite clearly they have no understanding of how or where they fit into that history.

I’m not sure they are all that different from our own kids though. I would like to think it wouldn’t happen here, but Im not completely convinced that is the case. I have always been an advocate of teaching ethics and not religion in schools and this story only enhances that viewpoint. In Australia that is not likely to happen as long as the two major parties each rely on one of the two big religions for their support.

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