Recording retisense

Anyone who reads this blog will know that the Life Log Project is all about recording people’s stories. I have struck an interesting trend that I think is worth sharing.

The vast majority of people think they have not led a life worthy of sharing. I’m not sure if its peculiarly Australian akin to the tall poppy syndrome or if it is multi cultural. But I reckon more than 90% of people I talk with think its great that someone is recording those stories, but not for them. That includes pilots, admirals, generals, single mums, architects and builders. So it’s not like they haven’t achieved anything, it’s the unusual perception that their story would not be interesting to their grandchildren or great great grandchildren.

I like to think of it like this. If you could sit and listen to an interview with your great great aunt about her life and loves and regrets and family and they way she lived, wouldn’t that just be fascinating? Better than any old history book or graphic of your family tree. Go back another two generations and that now becomes even more amazing.

You don’t have to be Mother Teresa or Amelia Earhart to have led a life worthy of recording. When it’s all said and done, it’s not about you anyway! It’s about future generations. Please take the time to record your story for the benefit of future generations.

Please pass this story on to someone who should have their story recorded. (and isn’t that everybody?)

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