Saying goodbye


As the holiday season comes to a close, it has come to that time when family and friends vanish into the never-never back to their homes, their lives and their own worlds and we have to say goodbye. I don’t like it. I get to see my beautiful eldest son everyday of the year which is wonderful but my little guy I see for a few short weeks each year as he treks out from Berlin.

The thought of not seeing him for another year is very sad making. So I will tell you how I deal with it. Pretty much like every other male out there, I put it away. I just tuck it away into a corner of my head that is chock full of stuff I don’t want to think about. Now in my late fifties I have become reasonably adept at tucking things away. Otherwise it makes me too sad for too long.

To put that into perspective neatly, a young friend of mine has just said goodbye to his father for the last time. A long fight has finally come to an end for his father. Seeing the pics on Facebook made me cry. I wouldn’t say I knew the father well, but I had met him a few times and we were on nodding terms.

So as I prepare to say goodbye to my son as he flies back to Berlin I have to remind myself I am really only saying ‘see you soon’. Even if that takes a year.

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