I will look like a nong

I’m going to the doctors on Tuesday to get a mole removed, its sort of more like a weird freckle on my face that wasn’t there 6 months ago. It’s probably nothing, and I will spend a week with a band-aid on my face and look like a complete nong, but that’s OK isn’t it?

The truth is though, that I am worried about it. I’m not apoplectic or inconsolable, but I am not treating it like it’s a torn finger nail either. This mole appeared only recently and that is not a good thing in a person my age. Chances are, its nothing. I have said, in the past to people, “worrying doesn’t help” but that is not completely true is it. If worrying just a little, motivates you to actually do something about the situation then it is not a waste at all.

In my case, I have taken the opportunity to update my letters to my children. Because I know if I get shitty news, I’m not going to be in the right head space to write to them appropriately. I have checked and rechecked the building plans for our new house, so that all goes ahead without a hitch.

I have consulted with Dr Google briefly (not extensively) about the other options for my new mole. I have gone back to wearing my lovely hat, even thought its winter. Truth is I prefer to wear my hat, so now I have a legitimate excuse. I have invested in some SPF30 lip balm. I should be wearing this stuff every day but haven’t because I got lazy. These are all good positive things. 

Tuesday will come and go, most likely, like every other Tuesday in my life. But I’m not looking forward to it.

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