I let myself go

I will admit, I let myself go a little. A combination of getting close to sixty, not sleeping well and a dicky back, a constantly sore ankle along with a fair share of general laziness with a hefty dash of self loathing. I had given up glancing at myself in the mirror and certainly never side on. One day I just got too revolted. 

I needed some sort of plan. A podiatrist could probably fix my ankle, some exercise could probably strengthen my back and then maybe some regular exercise program would work away at my burgeoning girth. I quickly discounted the idea of a diet.

Eight months down the track, I have had two people tell me how healthy I look. No cash for comment or anything. I joined a small group of people four mornings a week with a local trainer. My bride had been going for a year and was looking great. Brad is quite incredible in his generosity and inclusiveness. He tailors every exercise in a way that makes me feel like I’m working hard, though I am often not doing what others in the group are doing. Two mornings of boot camp and two mornings of strength training.

I feel better than I have felt for a decade. In raw numbers, I haven’t said goodbye to too much of me, but I’m definitely a better shape, Im sleeping better and feel so much happier with every part of my day. I could probably lose more weight if I gave up drinking wine, but I have no desire to do that. If you are feeling like you don’t want to see yourself in the mirror, or you can’t see anything else in the mirror, then made its time you too broke it down into bite sized pieces and made a change.

It is so empowering to wake up in the morning, feeling like you really can do it.

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